Posted on: 6 June, 2024


Scams in Real Estate

Although Pakistan’s real estate market has a great potential it also involve frauds that can entrap the innocent people, thus causing them financial loss and even affecting their emotions. They organize large-scale scams in 2024, and numerous people get involved with well-established companies and real estate agents.

Here are some common types of real estate fraud in Pakistan:

Fake Property Listings: Most scammers use the properties website, they put fake properties so that people who are in the search for the property to buy or rent it will be conned by the scammers. These listings include beauty and a favorable price range to make it easier to dupe their targets. Once the victim shows interest, the scammer will ask for an advance fee or a deposit to pave way for the actualization of the supposed deal, then vanishes with the money.

Property Title Fraud: In this scheme, people use false documents to sell or rented houses that belong to other people or they never own. By either forging documents or altering legitimate records in an organization, they can change ownership to either of them or partners through which the rightful owners are often caught off-guard.

Pre-Launch Scams: Pre-launch offers are provided by either the developer or the agents in a specific property at a cheaper rate than the normal price for the same venture, with an assurance of more profits once the actual launch is completed. Generally, such project do not see the light of the day, or if they do, it is completely pale as compared to what had been promised to the investors, and they end up losing their hard earned money.

Double Selling: In this method of selling, a single property is sold once, but several buyers are targeted to purchase the property. There are cases, where fraudsters collect dowry or full cash from several buyers and abscond, leaving them to sue for possession of the same property.

Non-Existent Projects: Some are fake developers who may well be selling estates or businesses that were never developed in the first instance. They also take money from buyers or investors, then vanish off the face of the earth, and people are left with no returns on what they have invested.

Illegal Land Sales: Most of them offer plots of land legally owned by other individuals or organizations, or they provide tracts of land categorized as government land or land set aside for agriculture, which cannot be sold and used for residential or commercial purposes legally. It is very common that the customers find out the illegality of the product just after they have paid the dealer a hefty sum of money.

Manipulated Property Values: Salespersons or sometimes sellers overstate the applicable area, floor area or value of the property and in most cases in collaboration with officials in the lending institution. This puts the buyer in a situation where he or she receives a property whose value is far below the loan amount and leaves the buyer in a tight financial corner and sometimes results to legal lawsuits.

Phony Documentation: Now and again wrong doers forge what they claim are proper deeds, titles, or transfer papers to perpetrate real estate frauds. It is only when the victim tries to get a primary registration of the property or applying for a loan or any other service that the deception is discovered.


In conclusion, Real Estate market in Pakistan is full of investment potential but at the same time they are full of various scams which can lead to more than just a monetary loss to victims, but also emotional distress. Still, the market has some risks connected with high-revenue streams that are apparent in fake property listings, title fraud, pre-launch financial scams, and double selling, that is why one should always stay careful and investigate.
To ensure their investments are safe and to avoid succumbing to scams, prospective buyers and investors need to take the necessary measures of verifying the authenticity of the property documents and seek legal advice from lawyers, solicitors and other reputable lawyers. It is essential to gather information and be alert so that people can invest in real estate without necessarily wondering where the next threat is coming from.

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